Welcome to BackTweets!

Below are some frequently asked questions:

  • Q. What is BackTweets?
    • A. Backtweets is a free web app that lets you search through a tweet archive for URLs, #hashtags and @usernames that were sent over Twitter.
  • Q. Does BackTweets find URLs in all forms?
    • A. Yes. When you search for a URL BackTweets finds standard linked URLs as well as shortened URLs and those without the WWW prefix.
  • Q. How far back does the search go?
    • A. When you look for a URL, BackTweets searches through a tweet index spanning more than three years and reaching up to real-time. The index grows daily.
  • Q. In what order are results returned?
    • A. tweets with the requested search are returned in list form and in reverse chronological order. This means that the most recent tweets appear first in the list.
  • Q. What can I use BackTweets for?
    • A. BackTweets is a simple and effective way to monitor your social reach in Twitter. As the influence of social media grows, it’s important to regularly check the depth and quality your social reach and see where you stand. BackTweets lets you view how many people are talking about you (or your brand) and also shows you what they are saying.